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Fine White Pique Baby Bib- set of 2

For special occasions such as christenings, a newborn gift, weddings or to any social scene a baby is invited, this bib is up to the standards. A classic design, has a dreamy cotton pique pattern ending with a subtle lace edge. A chic gift for the new and "outgoing" baby...  mummy surely will appreciate it.

Made in Portugal 

- 100% cotton

- Comes in a set of 2

- Machine wash cold

Circle  | preview font
Classic  | preview font
Edwardian  | preview font
Fish Tail  | preview font
Hamptons  | preview font
Jackson  | preview font
Royal Initial  | preview font
Spritz  | preview font
Stack Block  | preview font
Victorian  | preview font
Vine Interlace  | preview font
William  | preview font
  • Thread Colour Light Grey
  • Thread Colour Light Pink
  • Thread Colour Mint
  • Thread Colour Navy Blue
  • Thread Colour Pink
  • Thread Colour Safari Green
  • Thread Colour Taupe
  • Thread Colour Wheat
  • Thread Colour White
  • Thread Colour Antique Gold
  • Thread Colour Champagne
  • Thread Colour Lavender
  • Thread Colour Light Blue

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