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Men drawstring bag

Gift ideas for men? This lovely pique drawstring bag with a shoe appliqué motif its meant to storage shoes, socks, underwear, whatever they choose to bring for life on the go.

Made in Portugal.

- 100% Pique cotton

Classic Bold  | preview font
Classic  | preview font
Cooperstown  | preview font
Dot  | preview font
Edwardian  | preview font
Hamptons  | preview font
Hipster  | preview font
Spritz  | preview font
Stack Block  | preview font
Typewriter  | preview font
Victorian  | preview font
William  | preview font
  • Thread Colour Navy Blue
  • Thread Colour Taupe
  • Thread Colour Wheat
  • Thread Colour Black
  • Thread Colour Blue
  • Thread Colour Dark Green
  • Thread Colour Dark Grey

Max text length: 10

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