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Monogram Etiquette

Gift giving: Make it Personal!

A personalised gift is a wonderful way to express effort and love to the recipient. Given to celebrate a memorable moment such as a newborn baby, christening, wedding or simply a hostess gift, when you add the name or initials of somebody, it magically turns into a thoughtful and unique gift.

The Lavender Closet provides a vast selection of classic and modern monograms and fonts, as well as many thread colours to accommodate any personality and taste, to ultimately make that gift unique and special.


What style to choose in a monogram?

There are 3 different styles to personalise a monogram, will depend on your taste, or the space available in the item:

- Single letter monogram: L

Choose a single letter for first names or last names. A classic monogram, you'll never go wrong with this one!


-Two letter monogram: LM

Choose the two letter to show a person's first and last name's initials (Lily Miller). It's very popular and commonly used for one person, although it has some variations as been used for couples in embroidered napkins, guest towels, etc. : LE (Lily and Edward)


- Three letter monogram. Choose this style in 2 cases:

1- To show a person's first, middle and last name: LMG (Lily Grace Miller)

2- To show a couple's initials, for example, Lily and Edward Miller: LME